India… Itho Itho..

Vanakkam to all,

Folks, I’m in India now, just came yesterday. No much activities yet. But I want to keep this blog updated through out this tour. So keep tuned.

Hey, you all must be thinking, ‘for what the hell you went to India?’.
Of course there is now one single reason. Mainly its all of a touring, because here after in my third and fourth year I want be getting any much vacation I suppose. So wanted to have some break over here. Then I always had idea to visit India, so decided to come down here. And the other purposes are like, Leo programs, shopping and stuff like that.

After making the decision, it was not difficult coming down… There were some difficulties in getting the visa, because of much people travelling here. The whole tour of my is sponsored by my father, (so noprobs ;-))Beside that everything went fine. I got tickets for Air India Express on 7th. Then e got to know that one of my father’s friend (Mr.Rajendram), who works in Chennai, is also flying on the same flight. So Appa wanted me to go with him, and indeed it was helpful through out my journey. The flight was OK, fine I think, because as this is my first, I can’t compare. Flight was at 9.20am at Katthunayaka International Airport(CMB), but it was delayed and finally took off at 9.50am. We landed in Anna International Airport(MAA) at around 11.00am. Mr. Rajandra had arrange an trishow for me, there was no problem in travelling. Though he didn’t know my destination exactly, he brought me safely to this place and he was a nice guy. I think his name is Thirupathy or Pasupathy, not sure.

Where now…?
I had already arranged with one of my friends in Chennai to stay at his place. Saie, is doing Sound Engineering at SAE, Chennai whom have known him from Colombo. He is staying in Besent Nagar, a.ka. Lakshmipuram. He is staying with a group of guy here and all of them are unique, but all a fun loving guys.

What happened…?
So when I came to the house, Saie was not here, but two of his friend were here. They were both sleeping at that time, and the guy called Arun, who is a big bulid 6.3, came and received me in. There was the other guy Priyalan, who was ‘at his night’ at that time. Then around 2.30pm Saie came and I just checked my mail. Saie was chatting with someone online till evening around 5, when the other two guys got up. Later the Third guy who is staying with them, Prem came from his college.

These guys went for lunch at evening and had it as the dinner 🙂
They went to a place where there is a KFC and all other restaurants. Prem didn’t come, and Arun, Prai, Saie and myself went there. We had dinner there and then they went to the Besent Nagar beach. It was a so crowded beach, and we stayed there for-a-while, ‘sight seeing’. At that time Prem came with his girl friend and he stayed there for a while and went.

One main think I noticed there is here don’t say anything to the girls passing by like in Wellawatte. I heard if they do they will have to ‘gutikanna wenawaa’. Another advantage the Lankans have there is they can talk anything in Sinhaleese and no one understands. After a while there we came back to the house. mean while Arun gave me an extra SIM he had to use here. Then a guy called Paulo, a Malayaali came there. They _ _ _ _ Then after that we played cards for a while and slept.

That the end of day one. Hope much more activities will happen. I’ll have to do the Leo activities, sight seeings and much more… Stay tuned to my blog… I’ll keep updated…

Thanks for reading this long blog(not applicable to those who read the first and last line only ;-))…

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வணக்கம் நிமால்
இண்டைக்குத்தான் பாத்தன் உன்ர மின்மடலை,
சரி. ஆறுதலா வாசிச்சு கொமென்ற் போடுறன்.
என்ர ஜிமெயிலுக்கு நாந் கேட்டத பற்றி மெயில் அனுப்பு..


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