India… Day2


So you came back to to read what I’ve written today. (Or may be seeing it today…) My second day in Chennai, being a Sunday I couldn’t do much, no shopping, etc. So I thought of calling some Leo Club person and having a meeting to discuss some projects with them. Beside to that there was no much happenings. In the morning went to a near by place where these guys give their dresses for ironing. Saie and Arun were not there during day time and i got some my USDs changed to INRs from Arun. Had lunch at a place called Murukan Idli Kadai, which indeed a good vegetarian place to eat.

Leo Meeting…
Leo Prakash from the Leo Club of Nightingale is one person of whom I had the contact no. So i contacted him and arranged a meeting in the evening. He asked me to come to Barrister at the Besent Nagar Beach. Arun took me there and dropped at 5pm. Prkash was there and we got ourselves introduced.

We waited the for a while, as their VP was on the way. When she came in we ordered something and went on to discuss what kind of activities we could do. I told them about the twinning of clubs and other banner patches which they could get. They were ready to twin the clubs and we also discussed about another small project which could be carried out during the time of my stay. The Nightingale Leos said they know a Children’s home where they usually do their projects and to have an interactive session there on the 20th. It was very useful meeting for both the clubs. This meeting ended around 6pm and again Arun came to pick me from there.

Later in night the guys in the room cooked dinner, rice and chicken and had a bit late dinner and slept. But today I couldn’t get any chips because there were a little available.

That the end of day two. Hope much more activities will happen. I’ll have to do the Leo activities, sight seeings and much more… Stay tuned to my blog… I’ll keep updated…

Thanks for reading this long blog(not applicable to those who read the first and last line only ;-))…

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