India… Day3… Walking around Chennai…

Vaango… Vaango…

This is about the third day of my tour, in which now in Chennai. The most of the day I spent going around the city of Chennai. It just happened with out planning and i didn’t spend time in site seeing but in going around.

Going to BOC…
Appa wanted me to go to Bank of Ceylon(BOC) Chennai, to meet a Sri Lankan there. Around 11am when I was ready to make a move from the room, the guys here were still sleeping, so i thought not to disturb them and to go alone. I had the address to BOC which is somewhere in Poonthamalli Highways, near Thinathandi office. I also had a parcel for Mr. Rajendra, which he wanted me to give at BOC. So i took a trishow and went there, which is a very long distance that took around 1 hour on road. I reached that place when it was around noon. The only known person to me there is Linda, whom I’ve met already when she came down to Lanka for a training. So met with her first, then met Mr. Chandru also.

On the Roads…
When I was coming out of BOC I thought of going to the Tamil Nadu Tourism and to book a tour. So called that place and asked for the address which is Triplicane. I thought of taking a trishow and going, but then decided to walk along the road for some time. As it was already 1.30pm I went in to a good vegetarian hotel to have lunch. I had some kind of a dosa and then started walking again.

Just in 50m from there I saw the Central station, so went around it and the online booking center, and walked along the road in front. In the mean time I saw the buildings of Cooperation of Chennai, Museum, and hospital. Then I took a trishow to Triplicane and went to the Tamil Nadu Tourism. In that complex they had many other offices of tourism divisions of other stated. I took a brochure from there and walked along the road in front.

Digital Camera…
There I saw a Konica Shop and just went in to check out some cameras there. There were many cameras and the Canon PowerShot A430, which I had planned to buy was also there. The price for that was fairly OK for me, and they were fiving a 512MB SD card free, so I thought of buying it there itself. The guy at the counter went on to explain all the functions of the camera, and then bought it and they gave a set of chargeable batteries with charger for free. Then I thought of going back to the room by bus from there, and asked the guy at the shop for the bus route.

Spencer Plaza…
I was supposed to take the 23C bus to Besent Nagar. The stopping was somewhere in front of Shanthi theater. A bus came crowded after awhile, and I was on the foot board of the front door, while the bus was moving I saw the board of Spence Plaza, and thought of going there. When the bus stopped near the signals got down and went into Spencer. It is a big shopping mall with many shops and there was a Sri Lankan center too.

More on this day:
Laptop Shops
Riche Street

I’ll write about these soon… Stay tuned…

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