India… Day10… Sleeping…

Hi.. hi.. hi..

So you are back to my blog to ‘waste’ you time by reading what I wrote to ‘waste’ my time. 🙂 I’m saying this because I did nothing useful today, other than sleeping and eating.

Though I had plans of going on the Bangalore city tour today with Kicha, I got up late after sleeping ‘late’ yesterday. When I got up at Vimal’s room, it was 9.30am and Vimal had to go to college to pay exam fees. So I came with him to Kishan’s room and Kicha told that he too has to go to college to submit some practical records. So we canceled the Bangalore tour plan and diced to go on that on another day ‘if possible’.

Kicha went to college around 10.30am and I took a bath and slept till Vimal and Kicha came back. Though they had a lecture at 11am, it was canceled and they came back. We were at the room for about an hour and then went to lunch at Andra Mess, near Acharya Institute. I had ‘chapati‘, while Vimal and Kicha had rice. Again we came back to Kicha’s room, while Vimal went to college to pay the fees and came back after a while as there was much crowd. By evening Vimal went back to college and Kicha and I thought of going to R.T.Nagar.

Though Kicha took me through some shot-cut roads, it took about 25minutes walking to reach R.T.Nagar. I got ‘some calls’ on the way and the roads were like in Sri Lanka. At R.T.Nagar Kishan took me to a cake shop and we ate ‘cakes’. (Because you get ‘cakes’ at ‘cake shops’.) After that we went to a net cafe there and created a ‘hi5 profile‘ for Kicha.

When we came out of cafe it was already 7pm, and we thought of going for dinner from there. We went Kavitha Mess but it was closed due to Malayalam New Year, so we went to Andra Mess and had the same ‘chapati’ for dinner.

After coming home to we watch the Sri Lanka vs. Aurtralia cricket match. Vimal came at around 9pm and we were talking till 11pm. After Vimal went back, I drew some pictures for Kicha’s practical record book and slept.

So today is a day of nothing and I hope this don’t happen tomorrow…

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