India… Day13… Thanjavur…


  • Reached Thanjavur at around 7.30 with Vimal and we a room to keep our bags and my laptop and we got bath there
  • Had breakfast at a road side ‘patti kadai’, and it was one of the best in my life I would say, very nice Thanjavur ittaly
  • Went to Periya Kovil at around 8.15am (About and Photos)
  • Stayed there till 10am, had some sweet ‘pirasatham’
  • Came back to room and transferred photos taken at kovil to laptop, go gain some space to take more photos
  • Went to Saraboji Palace (Photos and About), and stayed there till 1pm
  • Went to Tamil University, and Vimal bought a book
  • Had lunch and came back to room transfer files
  • Went to Darasuram in bus, which was a journey of 1 hour
  • Went to Darasuram Temple (About and Photos) and stayed there till 4.30pm
  • Got a bus from Darasuram to Kumbakonam,and from there got another bus to Gangai Konda Cholapuram, which took anther 1 hour
  • Reached Gangai Konda Cholapuram temple at around 6.30 (About and Photos)
  • It was already very dark, and unfourtunately camera batteries were weak, there was no place to find new batteries, so took only a few photos, and stayed there till 7.30pm
  • Came back to Thajavur by bus through Kumbakonam, and it these buses they play DVD movies
  • Reached the room by 9.30pm, and we had to catch the night bus to Chennai, so packed our bags hurrily and went to have dinner
  • After dinner came to bus stand and got the 10.15pm bus to Chennai, and it was a Tamil Nadu UD bus

I have just posted by diary log, just copy and paste… Thought this is the one big day for me in India this time, and I have a lot of nice memories about Thanjavur, I’m feeling lazy to write those in detail. So if I happen to find some time, I’ll try to complete this.

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