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I’m learning Cookery

I'm just having some cool time these days. (Can't be sure whether it'll stay even after the training starts…) So I just wanted to do something which I have always wanted to do.

Its 'Cookery'. But till now what I was able to make only a few things that are eatable. I used to make chappathi/rotti, dosa and some gravy time to time. But I was never into serious cooking except for some of the good old days of 'Boy Scout' at Royal College. So this time I wanted to try out some different dishes, specially Indian ones.

I started with Googling for recipes and I found this very interesting and useful site and specially this page which lists a whole lot of illustrated recipes. And more importantly they are in Tamil. So I just started downloading some pages, and going to try some of those.

So hope to meet you with something that is eatable… (Don't be scared!!!)

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