First day at WaveNET

Its the day…

The first day at WaveNET, where I’ll be going my industrial training for the next 24 weeks or so. There are another 6 more guys with me from CSE for this training. As its the first day we planned to be there bit early, and we were there at around 8.45am. But we had to wait at the reception for about another 30 minutes, and we were called for a small meeting with Mr.Dilum.

In that session we were introduced to the organizational structure and the products that are developed at WaveNET. Mr.Sumith (Our lecturer for the Database module last semester) also was there. After this brief session we went to another small meeting which was for all the employees where they announced about the couple of awards won for some of the projects. At the end of this we had refreshments, and hopefully few would be the only few guys to start our training with eating and drinking…!

Next to this we were taken around and got introduced to each and everyone there. (But I hardly remember any of those names… let it take some time…) After this we were asked to stay in a place at first floor as there were no PCs ready for us. And were there till noon. Then we went out and bought lunch packets, and I thought it might be easy for me if I could bring lunch from home everyday. There is just another option of eating at DineMore, but we are not going to do that ‘only because’ it can’t be ‘submarine’ everyday… 🙂

After lunch there was just another session with Sumith Sir, where he introduced us to all the technologies used internally at the organization. It was a very useful one, and we were able to at least hear some of those words, which I hope we’ll learn soon… At the end of this session Mr.Dilum told us our team allocations and I am allocated to the Implementation team. Then I was taken to the first floor, and Praitheesh was with me as his QA team was also on that floor. But as we had no PCs allocated for us, we were given a single PC to be shared for the day.

We were given user names and passwords for personal login and we spent the rest of the day browsing through the internal wiki, learning about the products and other stuff. I spent some time on creating a page for myself on wiki and there was nothing for both of us to do there. Again for the tea time we got cake and had tea. It was already around 5.30pm, when we finished all these, so we packed up from there for the day…!

And what I’m expecting for tomorrow… I haven’t got the ID card yet, also have to get to know about something about the nature of work…. Expecting more better things to come…

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