Random Thoughts

Its a new year…

Happy New Year 2008…!

I just wanted to put something on my blog on the 1st and so this is. But I have no specific things to say here. Normally many bloggers have written about the past, the furute and so many other things, but I have no such specific plans or may be I don’t know how to put them in words.

So I just wanted to mention one thing I just noticed on my blog, that this is my 51st post, meaning, I just finished my 50th post in 2007 starting from My blog, I’m learning… on Wednesday, July 19, 2006 to this on December 27, 2007. Other than that there is nothing special or significant to share for now.

Finally let be say this, ‘Its a new year, and I want to do some new things and continue with many other things I was doing, in my best possible way’.

And thanks for coming to my blog 🙂

Good luck to everyone and I wish you a happiness and success in this new year…!


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