Random Thoughts

Why don’t I write…?

Hi everyone,

I haven’t written on this blog so often and even if i had there were nothing useful(?), and I don’t write here frequently. But why…?

I have asked this same question to myself many times and…(?). I started this blog with no real intention or anything, but I think I just wanted to share something what I would know with others who might be out there searching for that. And also I wanted to keep this blog as a place to log some notable events in my life.

I have got too busy with my training at WaveNET these days. I’m just finishing a project there which is a News Application done for Tigo. It has been too challenging for me in doing this and there were lot of late night works and working from home through VPN were involved, but still I enjoyed it. This too was another reason for me not writing in this blog recently. Other than that there was no much happening in my life recently that I could have recorded in this blog.

Anyway for so far I haven’t written anything significant in this blog, but I just want to write something more in future, whenever I get time. So if you happen to read this on my blog, just come by in couple of weeks as I might come up with some new stuff.

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