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Record Skype Calls with CallGraph

Have you ever wondered how to record a Skype call? You might want to record a Skype call to do a podcast, just for fun, or for some other reason. I stated searching on this topic months back and found many Skype plugins that could record calls. But I was satisfied with none of those as the were non-complete or commercial and not free. Many other popular Skype recording applications like Pamela let us record only up to 15 minutes for free.

Then only I found CallGraph, which is a free call recording application for Skype, developed by a Bangalore based start-up Sedna Wireless. Call Graph can be used to record Skype calls (Skype to Skype, SkypeIn, SkypeOut, Conference calls) in a mp3 file, and we can manage, search, order, filter the call records easily.

CallGraph also offers a web service called CRIMS (Call Record Indexing and Management Service) for online storage, sharing, search and transcription of the call records.

[Update: March 2011]

CallGraph is now called scribie, but they still offer the same products and services, specially the free CallGraph Skype Recorder for Windows.

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