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Special SLT Broadband ADSL Package at Deyata Kirula Exhibition

SLT might be announcing a new Special Broadband ADSL Package at the Deyata Kirula Exhibition which is now opened for public at BMICH, Colombo.


The leaflets in Tamil and Sinhala leaked from some internal sources show some details about these new “reduced charge” packages. But when I tried to get a confirmation from SLT they denied any such offer being given out. May be they will announce it in a day or two. So just check with them…!

Also I’m not gonna get any advantage out of this as this is only for the new connections purchased at the exhibition. So can I just disconnect the present one and get a new connection…?!!

6 replies on “Special SLT Broadband ADSL Package at Deyata Kirula Exhibition”

Hey that’s crazy of them to b loyal to older customers in such a way!Older customers will rebel 4 sure..May b by turning to airtel’s unlimited package with no FUP!!!


Bloody SLT Stupid Fellows …. They don’t know the value of Existing Customers…… We should take immediate action for this.


Yep… this is for real.The existing customers can not disconnet the current ADSL connection and and apply for a fresh connection either.


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