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Setup QUT Student, Staff Email on Android Devices (and IMAP/SMTP)

Setting up the Outlook Exchange email accounts from QUT on Android devices can be tricky. This is how you setup you student/staff emails, and QUT Wi-Fi.

[The information on this post was last updated on July 1, 2014. Most of these will become obsolete with the migration of HDR and Staff emails to the cloud (Microsoft Office 365). For details on setting up with the new system head on to this update: Setup QUT Cloud Email. Thank you.]

Having access to my work/school email on my smart phone is important for me when I am ‘working from home, away from home’. I recently switched to my Nexus S and upgraded the OS to the latest Ice Cream Sandwich. But when I tried to add my emails, there aren’t many guides on the QUT website on setting up exchange email accounts on Android devices. As always, after a bit of Googling and guess-work I was able to set up my two accounts on my Nexus S. And this is how I did it…

  1. Undergraduate Student E-mails
  2. Staff E-mails
  3. Research Student E-mails
  4. IMAP/SMPT Settings for QUT Hosted Email
  5. How to connect to a QUT Wireless?
  6. Additional Notes

Undergraduate Student E-mails

For all QUT undergraduate and non-research degree students who have email addresses,
Android Outlook Exchange Email Settings for QUT Connect Student

  • Username:
  • Server:

Note: These settings can sometimes vary based on account settings. The best place to find the latest settings is the options tab on the web mail page at:

Staff E-mails

For QUT staff email accounts that end with,
Android Outlook Exchange Email Settings for QUT Staff

  • DomainUsername: qutadUSERNAME
  • Server:

Research Student E-mails

I’m doing my PhD at QUT, and all HRD (ie PhD and Masters Research) students have a different type of email account (similar to staff emails) which end with,
Android Outlook Exchange Email Settings for QUT HRD Student

  • Domain\Username: qutad\USERNAME
  • Server:

IMAP/SMPT Settings for QUT Hosted Email

For staff and research students whose email are hosted internally within QUT, the following IMAP/SMTP server settings can be used for setting up using email software other than Outlook, such as Thunderbird in Windows or Linux environments, or alternative email apps on your phones.

  • IMAP setting:
    • Server name:
    • Port: 993
    • Encryption method: SSL
  • External SMTP setting:
    • Server name:
    • Port: 587
    • Encryption method: TLS
  • Authentication
    • Mode: Normal Password
    • Username: qutad\USERNAME
    • Passowrd: QUT Login Password

Note: POP access is limited to QUT internal networks only, so IMAP would be the best option if you are setting it up on your personal devices.

How to connect to a QUT Wireless network from Android?

QUT wireless networks offers two different Wi-Fi access points to connect across all campuses. The ‘QUT’ access point is usable for all students and staff, while the ‘eduroam’ access point can additionally be used by visitors from participating institutions. Setting up the ‘eduroam’ network can enable us use our devices when travelling to other participating institutions.

QUT & Eduroam Wi-Fi Settings for Android

  • Menu -> Settings -> Wireless -> Wi-Fi
  • Choose a network: QUT (or eduroam)
  • EAP Method: PEAP
  • Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPv2
  • CA Certificate: [Leave Unspecified]
  • User Certificate: [Leave Unspecified]
  • Identity: USERNAME (or for eduroam)
  • Anonymous Identity: [Leave Blank]
  • Password: PASSWORD
  • Connect!


The settings pages and options may sightly vary depending on the device, OS version, and applications. The USERNAME is what you would normally use to login to a QUT computer. We should use only to connect to the ‘eduroam’ network. The following pages on the IT Services web page can give latest and more details.

15 replies on “Setup QUT Student, Staff Email on Android Devices (and IMAP/SMTP)”

I’m trying to fill this out and I have done exactly what you have listed. It is coming up with “Couldn’t open connection to server”.

Any idea?



Hey Will,

You need to do the initial setup when you are in a QUT wifi network (at least that’s how it worked for me).

It syncs email when I’m on other connections (data, home wifi), but for the initial connection setup it requires QUT network I guess.



I just thought I’d mention that I’ve been using this link for years now, both for my own phones and to help my students. I often can’t believe QUT itself hasn’t produced something as simple, helpful, and easy to find as this, but I am very grateful that you did! And that you keep it updated!


I had alrdy sent many mails on qut uni’s email…but i did nt get any helpful answer yet…m worried about my confirmation of enrollment from 1 n half month…i want help…its the total losss of my studies from 4 months….please some1 guide me truly…my email id is
Please reply soonnn…..


Hi I wanted to add my email on the iphone, but didn’t know how to do. No infromation about that in QUT website. Then I googled it and your blog turned up. Thanks for the the simple and helpful guide.


Hey Nimal – works well Lad – Any suggestions for syncing the Calendar as well? I got the emails to work on my Z3 – just trying to sort out my calendar too.


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