Thesis Acknowledgements

Today I submitted my PhD thesis for external examination. It’s been a long and at times daunting journey for the past three years and nine months. This would not have been possible without the support of many great individuals. As a note of appreciation, the following is from my thesis, Acknowledgements.

This thesis would not have been possible without the inspiration and support of a number of wonderful individuals — my thanks and appreciation to all of them for being part of this journey and making this thesis possible. I owe my deepest gratitude to my supervisors Professor Ed Dawson and Dr Jason Reid. Without their enthusiasm, encouragement, support and continuous optimism this thesis would hardly have been completed. I express my warmest gratitude to my associate supervisor Professor Robin Drogemuller.
His guidance into the world of building information modelling has been a valuable input for this thesis. I also want to express my gratitude to my colleague and my associate supervisor Dr Farzad Salim. He has made available his support in a number of ways, especially towards the completion of this thesis.

I gratefully acknowledge the contributions of Joerg Kiegeland who was instrumental in developing the demonstrator. His expertise in building information modelling and his commitment towards the project was a significant influence in shaping many of the concepts presented in this thesis. I would like to thank my friend and colleague Khalid Eisa for his frequent help and support.

I am forever thankful to my colleagues at the Airports of the Future project for their friendship and support, and for creating a cordial working environment. I thankfully acknowledge the contributions of Dr Paul Barnes in formulating a number of access control scenarios discussed in this thesis as well as for his insight into addressing real world problems. I would like to thank Dr Clinton Fookes and Dr Vikas Reddy for organising required resources and liaising with industry partners.
I would also like to thank Ruth White and Anne Krupa for taking care of all the administrative matters.

I am thankful to the Airports of the Future project for giving access and valuable insight into the airport world that has immensely influenced this research. I would like to show my appreciation to all our project partners for sharing their expertise and experiences, and for providing valuable feedback throughout this research. I acknowledge the contributions from the Brisbane Airport Corporation and its staff for making it possible to carry out this work based on their airport environment.

It is a pleasure to thank my friends at the Geeks’ House, Janaraj, Hajananth, Mayooran, Jatheeshan and Kesawan, for the wonderful times we shared, specially the Saturday night dinners. In addition, I would like to thank all my friends in Brisbane and Melbourne who gave me the necessary distractions from my research and made my stay in Australia memorable.

Finally, my deep and sincere gratitude to my family for their continuous and unparalleled love, help and support. I am grateful to my sister for always being there for me as a friend. I am forever indebted to my parents for giving me the opportunities and experiences that have made me who I am. They selflessly encouraged me to explore new directions in life and seek my own destiny. This journey would not have been possible if not for them, and I dedicate this milestone to them.


Masters in Sweden (Last semester for free education)

Sweden has announced that starting from September 2011, students from non-EU countries will not be entitled free education. So this will be the last intake for free education.

For more information check the following links:

Applications can be submitted online at:

Last date for online application:
August 16, 2010
Last date to post certified copies of the certificates:
September 1, 2010

Also I guess there will be no English requirements according to this:


Postgraduate Studies in US – US-Sri Lanka Fulbright Commission

Hi friends,

Just found some information that might be useful to anyone who is planing for a (postgraduate) studies in US. Thought of sharing it here, as someone might find is useful.

The U.S.-Sri Lanka Fulbright Commission (US-SLFC) has, in the last six decades or so, devoted its activities to the promotion of mutual understanding between the U.S and Sri Lanka through mutual academic and professional exchanges. The Student Advising Services Programme is an integral part of the US-SLFC. It offers various services to students seeking educational opportunities in the USA.

This advising center strives to provide accurate, comprehensive, current, and unbiased information on educational opportunities in the United States. We do not endorse or rank any college or university, nor do we endorse services provided by any company or organization in the areas of test preparation, admissions, placement, language training, or visa procurement.

Student Services provided by US-SLFC includes, but not limited to Lectures on Studies in the USA (group advising sessions), Individual Advising Services, Visa Seminars, Pre-Departure Orientations and Application Resources.


US-SLFC facilitates test takers by providing reference material. Registration material for GRE/GMAT/TOEFL are available free of charge at the office or may be requested by post.

Grants for Sri Lankan Citizens

The US-SLFC invites applications from Sri Lankan professionals in the humanities, fine/performing arts such as   music, theatre, writing, painting, design, photography and, sports, journalism, law,  sciences, paramedical services and business, an opportunity to gain exposure (through a project developed by the grantee) to the latest advancements in their respective fields of work in the U.S. The awards aim to provide grantees an opportunity  to collaborate with U.S. counterparts, forge links between local and U.S. professionals in the fields, build lasting ties between the two countries through their collaborations and share the experience and learning gained in the U.S. with local counterparts. [read more]


United States – Sri Lanka Fulbright Commission
No 7 Flower Terrace (off Flower Road)
Colombo 7
Sri Lanka
Phone : + 94 11 256 4176
Fax : + 94 11 256 4153