Tweets and Results – A Post Exam Analysis – Part 2

I had a similar post sometime back, after the Level 4 Semester 1 Exams, when I twitted my in-time thoughts after each exam, and later posted an analysis on my thoughts with the results I got. This is just another similar post, but for the Level 4 Semester 2 Exams, which happens to be the final exam of my undergraduate course.
So nothing much here, just some crappy thoughts as always…

— EXAMS — Starts tomorrow….!
10:02 PM Feb 8th from web
The day before the first exam…

— EXAMS — I was expecting a hard paper for “Computer Vision”, but it was even ‘harder’….!!! 5 more to go…! Next on the 16th…!
5:40 AM Feb 10th from web
Computer Vision (B+)

— EXAMS — AdvCompArch, Better than Worse, Worser than Ok. Anyway done with it… Another 4 more to go…!!!
3:24 AM Feb 16th from web
Advanced Computer Architecture (A-)

— EXAMS — I was not prepared enough for Operational Research… The downwards trend in exams continues… For me…!!!
3:55 AM Feb 17th from web
Operational Research (A-)

— EXAMS — Tested my creative writing skills at MIS exam… 🙂
3:21 AM Feb 18th from web
Management Information Systems (A-)

— EXAMS — Done with 5 out of 6 exams…! No comments about today’s Advanced Algorithms…!!!
4:29 AM Feb 24th from web
Advanced Algorithms (B)

— EXAMS — End of another era for me… All my undergraduate exams are over with today’s “Professional Practice”…!!! 🙂
3:58 AM Feb 26th from web
Professional Practice (A)

So thats how everything ended…

CSE Batch ’05 in GSoC 2009

It’s exciting to know the results of GSoC 2009 selections, where 6 from my batch got selected. The following is the list of participants from my batch. (I think I didn’t miss anyone…)

Nimantha Baranasuriya
OpenMRS – Proposal for Implementing the Audit Module (Data Integrity Module) for OpenMRS

Thilina Buddhika
The Apache Software Foundation – Improving Rampart Tests

Gihan Chamara
Sahana – SahanaOCR module

Senaka Fernando
Ptolemy Project – Integrating Ptolemy and Esper

Hiranya Jayathilaka
The Apache Software Foundation – Implementing SQL Authorization Support for Derby dblook

Nimalaprakasan Skandhakumar
Creative Commons – Creative Commons Add-in for Updates

Yes, I also got selected. Its exciting as this is the first time I’ve applied and got selected. More updates about my GSoC project activities will be posted at my GSoC2009 blog at

Also there are 14 selected candidates from CSE, including the 6 from our batch and 8 from our junior batch. As a university it seems we have 18 projects selected from UoM, which includes the 14 from CSE and 2 each from Tronic and IT.

Good luck to all the participants…!!!


Changes do Suck…!

(This is not to blame anyone, but felt like warning others who do study for semester exams at last-minute, like me…! Expect the unexpected…!)

I don’t normally hate changes, but when they come in the last moments I do feel they suck. This time it’s really true with the changes in the Final Semester Exam timetables at my University.

My final year final semester started in the last week of October 2008 and we were given a draft timetable dated October 18, 2008. It was a one which had all subjects evenly distributed along the one month duration of exams in February 2009. Later “they” decided to make changes to it due to “reasons” and notified the changed timetable to us on January 20. Though it a really crap timetable according to my set of subjects, its ok coz there was another 3 weeks left for last time study planning and exam preparations.

Now they have changed it again, on January 29, but we got to know about that on February 4. I can understand that there might be “reasons for changes”, but I feel this is not the “time” to make changes to timetables, just 5-6 days before the exams. (Yes, it not a big change, yet I’m totally screwed up)

I’d like to quote on of my batch mate saying,

“… I’m wondering if we are gonna go to write for a paper and be told that we will be answering a different paper that day :)”

For those who prepare for exams throughout the semester this aint gonna be a problem, but for those who don’t this is gonna affect big time, and I’m one of those.

Lets Face It…!!!


Expose 2008 – Technical Festival

Expose 2008, the annual exhibition organized by E-Club will held on December 4, 5, 6 and 7, at the University of Moratuwa. Expose 2008 is bringing together the industrial personnel, the public and undergraduates from all over the country in a platform of knowledge sharing and recognition. The exhibition consists of events and competitions aimed at enhancing public awareness and show casing talents of the students of the University.  

The exhibition also includes special features such as E-Carrier magazine where innovative ideas of students are featured. During the exhibition Dr. Amith Munindrdasa Memorial Fund will be set up to help out needy children and orphans. Dr. Amith was former head of the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering.

TV and FM radio channel dedicated to the exhibition will broadcast programmes during the exhibition. Workshops and seminars will also be conducted.The Department of Electronics and Telecommunication absorbs hundred undergraduates from a batch and offers Post Graduate Diplomas and Masters Programmes.

Also you can follow these links to view some Sunday newspapers articles:


CITISIA’09 – A Channel for Students to Present their Projects and Papers

CITISIA (Conference on Innovative Technologies in Intelligent Systems & Industrial Applications) is a student conference that provides the higher learning institutions’ students, a channel to present their own projects and recognizes their professional and technical achievements by the industries as well as international organizations such as IEEE.

The Conference on Innovative Technologies in Intelligent System & Industrial Application 2009 (CITISIA’09) organized by the IEEE Student Branch, Monash University, Sunway Campus will be held on July 25-26, 2009 in Monash University, Sunway Campus, Malaysia. This is a great opportunity for all the students you are searching for a platform to submit your papers.

The organizers have invited prospective authors to submit their full paper(s) electronically through the conference website. Papers will be reviewed by the Program Committee for technical merit and content. Accepted papers will appear in the conference proceedings only if one of the authors is registered for the conference and is presenting the work. All papers accepted in this conference will be uploaded to IEEE Xplore Database.

I’m looking into this very closely as this might be an opportunity for me/us to present the papers related to my undergraduate final year project, Project eID. I’ll try to post any more details on this if I get, while anyone interested can explore into the conference website .

Important Dates
Submission of full paper – 1st Apr 2009
Notification of acceptance – 30th Apr 2009
Submission of Camera Ready Papers – 8th July 2009
Registration Datelines – 8th July 2009

Conference Website

Download Call for Paper Poster