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Tweet-size Thoughts – Movies – December 2010

It’s the holiday season. I planned nothing for the Christmas week, as I’ve already had a short break in November with the road trip. So all I did this month, except from going to university most of the days, is watching movies, a lot of movies. Here comes the list with my ‘Tweet-size Thoughts’.

  1. Oy! (2009) Telugu (7.5/10) – A interesting localized storyline (inspiration of Erich Segal’s novel ‘Love Story’) and executed with the excellent performances by the lead actors.
  2. Do Dooni Chaar (2010) Hindi (8/10) – It’s good to see a non-filmy family movie from Bollywood. It a way its refreshing and entertaining too.
  3. Benny And Babloo (2010) Hindi (7.5/10) – A different Bollywood movie, takes a sarcastic look into the Mumbai (night) life.
  4. Chikku Bukku (2010) Tamil Movie (6.5/10) – Felt like watching two movies together. Once watchable.
  5. Butterfly on a Wheel (2007) English (8/10) – Excellent psychological thriller. Can’t guess whats going on until the end.
  6. Golmaal 3 (2010) Hindi (6/10) – Colourful, logic-less, childish laughter for 2 hours 20 minutes. That’s all, once watchable.
  7. Gaayam 2 (2010) Telugu (6.5/10) – Starts in Thailand with blood, continues in India. This interesting sequel, makes an impact through its screenplay and good performances.
  8. Easy A (2010) English (6.5/10) – Typical college comedy with a little different presentation.
  9. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) English (7.5/10) – One of the interesting biographical movies I have seen lately.
  10. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010) English (6.5/10) – A good trade for the time.
  11. Bodyguard (2010) Malayalam (6.5/10) – Good one, wanted to watch this before Kavalan. This is the first Malayalam movie I’ve watched without subtitles.
  12. The Karate Kid (2010) English (6.5/10) – It was good, but still confused why they call a kung fu movie The Karate Kid.
  13. Prasthanam (2010) Telugu (5.5/10) – A really confusing political tail, just about revenge, revenge and revenge, mixed with some dance and romance for no apparent reason.
  14. Passenger (2009) Malayalam (7.5/10) – A simple tale of two passengers told in its simplest form. An excellent movie with good performances by the lead actors. And I watch it without subtitles, so not sure if I got tit correctly.
  15. Phas Gaye Re Obama (2010) Hindi (8/10) – Terrific performances and a brilliant screenplay with the ticklish humour makes this intelligent satire work well throughout.
  16. Kerala Cafe (2009) Malayalam (8/10) – All the ten short films in this anthology film have something interesting. It could be a little overwhelming and tiring, but it’s really a worth watch. Specially liked light sense of humour in Happy Journey and Off-season.
  17. Manmadan Ambu (2010) Tamil (6.5/10) – It’s a good entertainer if watched without any other expectations.
  18. Love Sex Aur Dhokha (2010) Hindi (8.5/10) – Liked it for the making and the theme. The story has three sub-plots that are about the news media turning into cheap entertainment.
  19. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (2008) English (9/10) – Most of the Holocaust movies over-hype the pro-Jew propaganda, but this one stands out and talks about humanity through the lives of two eight year old boys.
  20. Hotel Rwanda (2004) English (7/10) – I prefer documentaries rather than these movies, but it was a good one. As a person from a land that used to have enough of these, I feel the movie does not portray the massacre effectively.
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Tweet-size Thoughts – Movies – November 2010

  1. Anjaana Anjaani (2010) Hindi (6.5/10)
    Sometimes boring and predictable, still interesting. Entertaining and enjoyable.
  2. Action Replayy (2010) Hindi (6.5/10)
    Just a little funny. Hard to get it right without any subtitles.
  3. Enthiran (2010) Tamil (7/10)
    Not bad for a Bollywood sci-fi. Its not the Rajini movie and not the standard Hollywood sci-fi. So can enjoy when we have an open mind.
  4. Uthama Puthiran (2010) Tamil (6.5/10)
    Fairly manageable first half and a good laughter in the second half.
  5. Va Quatter Cutting (2010) Tamil (6/10)
    Interesting, different, could have been even better.
  6. Vaadaa (2010) Tamil (5.5/10)
    I don’t understand how they afford to make these kinds of movies. Except for some occasional laughter, this could be skipped.
  7. Maryada Ramanna (2010) Telugu (7/10)
    Funny, enjoyable, feel good movie.
  8. Sye Aata (2010) Telugu (4/10)
    One of those typical ‘avenge for a past’ Indian movie, but with a female protagonist. Apart from that nothing is in this movie.
  9. The Social Network (2010) English (8/10)
    Interesting, intense and engaging tale of geeks I admire.
  10. Casino (1995) English (7/10)
    An interesting inside story.
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Movies I watched – October 2010

I had two submissions deadlines, one presentation and some more not so interesting but have to do tasks this month. Almost everything went well, but whats most interesting to me is I managed to watch 25 movies (plus another few) in November. I don’t think it was a waste of time, rather I feel this kept me going. So here goes the list.

  1. Gandhi (1982) English (9.5/10)
  2. Eclipse (2010) English (6/10)
    For a non Twilight fan, it’s just another fairly interesting movie.
  3. Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (2009) Hindi (5.5/10)
    Fairly interesting, but irritating too.
  4. De Dana Dan (2009) Hindi (6/10)
    Comedy overdose, but enjoyable.
  5. Wanted (2009) Hindi (6.5/10)
    A remake (of Pokiri or Pokkiri), made right.
  6. Dabangg (2010) Hindi (7.5/10)
    Is it a serious spoof film? Enjoyed…! Feels like a Tamil/Telugu masala made in Hindi.
  7. My Name Is Khan (2010) Hindi (8.5/10)
    One of the strong films I have seen recently. Handles a very sensitive issue very well. Though the end might be little too dramatic, it’s indeed a wonderful movie as a whole.
  8. Udaan (2010) Hindi (9/10)
    This is not a normal Bollywood flick. An intense story narrated interestingly. A must watch.
  9. Love Aaj Kal (2009) Hindi (7/10)
    Love now and then. A pure love story.
  10. HouseFull (2010) Hindi (6.5/10)
    It is a remake of the Tami flick Kaathala Kaathala. The same story with a slightly different screenplay and some variations in some characters. It’s a good remake.
  11. Wake Up Sid (2009) Hindi (6.5/10)
    An interesting entertainer.
  12. Pyaar Impossible (2010) Hindi (5.5/10)
    Just barely interesting or entertaining. Rather an expensive mistake.
  13. Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (2006) Hindi (7/10)
    Good emotional musical drama.
  14. Chance Pe Dance (2010) Hindi (7/10)
    Good one, enjoyed.
  15. Milenge Milenge (2010) Hindi (5/10)
    Couldn’t sit through without excessive scrubbing. Reminded me of some old Tamil film.
  16. Varudu (2010) Telugu (4.5/10)
    Boring dialog filled stage drama of 60’s presented with some sloppy CG.
  17. Leader (2010) Telugu (7.5/10)
    An interesting Telugu film by Sekhar Kammula. It’s a lot like a Shankar film in the lines of Mudhalvan and Sivaji, yet nice.
  18. Maska (2009) Telugu (6/10)
    Interesting Entertainer.
  19. Rama Rama Krishna Krishna (2010) Telugu (7/10)
    Same old story, but not a bad presentation. Just another time-pass entertainer.
  20. Parugu (2008) Telugu (7/10)
    Simple storyline and a little dragging screenplay. Director Baskar deals with the same farther sentiment as in Bommelillu, but this time father-daughter. Comparatively less interesting, yet watched till the end.
  21. Darling (2010) Telugu (6/10)
    Just the second half is enough for the movie.
  22. Inkosari (2010) Telugu (5.5/10)
    A simple but good story spoiled with a bad screenplay and an even worse making.
  23. Ritu (2009) Malayalam (8/10)
    A movie on love, hatred, betrayal and intense emotions.
  24. Bale Pandiya (2010) Tamil (7/10)
    A Good Laugh.
  25. Inidhu Inidhu (2010) Tamil (7.5/10)
    Brings the same feel as Telugu ‘Happy Days‘.
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Movies I watched – August/September 2010

Most of my friends would say I’m not a movie watching person, at least some of them would say so. Yet I have been watching a variety of movies in the last couple of months. The main reason for this would be my new 150GB broadband. One may be surprised that I have watched many movies in the recent months. But 12 movies in 2 months is not that much I guess.

  1. Remember Me (2010) English (6/10)
    A slow and boring start, then keeps interesting in the middle and ends with a final twist that sucks big time.
  2. Salt (2010) English (6/10)
    Some interesting, time pass stuff.
  3. Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam (2009) Telugu (8/10)
    A nice romantic comedy. Through there is nothing new or unique, its interesting till the end.
  4. I Hate Luv Storys (2010) Hindi (7/10)
    A feel good romantic comedy.
  5. Tere Bin Laden (2010) Urdu/Hindi (6.5/10)
    It’s funny, rather than comedy.
  6. Aisha (2010) Hindi (6/10)
    Boring overdose.
  7. Mr.Singh Mrs.Mehta (2010) Hindi (6.5/10)
    Good attempt on complex relationships. But they relied more on the naked woman than the integral emotions.
  8. Dancing Star (2009) Sinhalese (5.5/10)
    They have tried to make something interesting.
  9. Kalavani (2010) Tamil (7.5/10)
    An interesting comedy flick.
  10. Boss Engira Baskaran (2010) Tamil (8/10)
    Guaranteed laugh throughout.
  11. Madrasapattinam (2010) Tamil (9/10)
    A decent effort in recent Tamil movies. Good cinematography and presentation of Madras of the 1950’s.
  12. Paiyaa (2010) Tamil (7.5/10)
    An interesting entertainer.
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Some movies are different – The Circle and Or

I was(?) a ‘pirated’ movie fan until I came to Australia. I used get a constant supply of movies from my P2P downloads and friends. I also had time to watch movies, so it was possible to watch around 300 movies in 2 years paying nothing but for my internet.

When I came to Australia, things got different. I didn’t have a broadband connection, or friends who had the supply of movies. More than anything I didn’t have time (or I couldn’t find time) to watch movies. But recently I got a television (surprisingly from my supervisor) and I got to watch few movies.


The Circle

The Circle (2000) is an Iranian independent film by Jafar Panahi. It doesn’t have a single plot, but a collection of short stories that are connected and last story connects with the first one to make it a circle. It revolves around day-to-day challenges faced by Iranian women. I would say it’s not a very interesting movie, but it has some sort of liveliness and reality in its portrayal.


Or (My treasure) (2004)

Or (My Treasure) (2004) is a French-Israeli that portrays a teenager who struggles to be responsible for her prostitute mother. The storyline gives a raw look at prostitution and how some end up there. It has lots of nudity and sex, but it’s more like watching it from inside the characters. So again this is not for everyone, but if you like realistic movies it might be a good watch.