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Reading Again, Books

Libraries used to be my favourite hangout location during my school days. I had memberships in many libraries in town, where I would read anything that is not related to schoolwork. I always think my addiction to books came from my father. The Colombo Public Library was close to my school and there was a time when I visited there every other day. I preferred both fiction and non-fiction, almost all in Tamil. Those days English was just a subject at school that I had to pass. Towards the end of high school, I started reading some books in English, but they were all on Electronics or Physics, mostly related to the crazy experiments we used to do.

The days of excessive reading ended after high school and I kept a good distance from books and the library during my undergraduate days. Except for the mandatory registration at the library every year, I went to the uni library less than ten times in four years. It was the time when stopped reading books and I started reading more online. Now, I am one year into my PhD, and reading has become the major part of my life. It is the bulk of research papers related to my work.

There is still that little thing in the back of the mind about libraries and reading books, which is the reason I joined the City Council Library in Brisbane. Recently I had an opportunity to take a tour of the Brisbane Square Library. It is not the largest or the greatest library, but it is definitely one of the coolest.

Now, having started reading again, I have already warned myself to keep reading to minimum to focus on real work.