GIT Seminar at RHLC, Colombo

I learned one thing today, ‘Teaching is so hard..!’

It was a GIT(General Information Technology) Seminar at RHLC (Ramanathan Hindu Ladies College) Colombo, in which I participated today, along with my other ten batch mates at CSE at University. This was a seminar organized on behalf of CS&ES and was targeted at Advanced Level students. More-or-less it was a successful one, except some issues.

Though this sort of seminars are usually done by our department in various parts of the island, this is the first time in the recent years we have done this at a Tamil medium school. Usually the problem was the there are not enough Tamil students in a CSE batch, but this time there were 12 Tamil medium students. So we decided that we should do this in a Tamil medium school. Again the prevailing security situation of the country didn’t allow us to go to a school in a rural area, and we had to choose a school in Colombo area to conduct our seminar.

Nishandan coordinated with the school officials in getting permission to do the seminar, and our department provided us with all the materials and resources that were needed to conduct the seminar. We prepared some presentation to be done, and Ramanan, Shayanthan, Nishandan and myself decided to do the main presentations while others were assigned to help around.

Ramanan took the programming section, as he is in a very good form with programming after doing the ‘Programming Languages’ module last semester. Shayanthan and Nishandan prepared to do the Mathematics for ICT section. I prepared to Introduction, Internet and E-mail and other basic sections.

This is just about how we planned.

  • How it started?
  • How it went on? and
  • How it ended?

I’ll try to write soon as I feel better, because now I’m feeling more sleepy… Will update soon…