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Apache Ant

What is Apache Ant?

Apache Ant (or simply Ant) is an XML-based build scripting language used heavily by the Open Source community. This is specially handy when it come is to automating the build process. Also Ant is infamous for its good going with Java projects, though it is very much capable of doing various other stuff.

Apache Ant:

  • An operating system and language neutral XML based “Build Tool”
  • A scripting language for executing any complex file-system processes that can be run from a command line interface
  • A.N.T. – Another Neat Tool
  • User for Building the Project

Ant Terminology

  • Ant Project – a collection of named targets that can run in any order depending on the time stamps of the files in the file system. Each build file contains one project.
  • Ant Target – a fixed series of ant tasks in a specified order that can depend on other named targets. Targets can depend only on other targets, not on projects or tasks.
  • Ant Task – something that ant can execute such as a compile, copy or replace. Most tasks have very convenient default values. See the Ant manual for a complete list of tasks.


There is lot more to read and learn about Ant and even I don’t know much about it except to my using it for a build automation project. So it’ll be best to read from some external resources to get a better idea about it.

Happy Building with Apache Ant…!

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